Ben Vereen Type 2 Diabetes Story


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Ben Vereen Type 2 Diabetes Story

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Broadway actor

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Mother of a toddler

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Enjoys the outdoors

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Earning her master's

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Ben Vereen Type 2 Diabetes Video

Ben's story

As a Broadway actor, Ben Vereen has played many roles. But in 2007, Ben got a part he wasn’t prepared for when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Recently, Ben worked with his doctor to develop a plan to manage his blood sugar, which included Tresiba®.

Mom with diabetes video

Mandy's story

As the working mom of a toddler, Mandy has a lot to manage. Her recent diagnosis with diabetes didn’t make things easier. In 2016, Mandy and her doctor reviewed her goals and decided on Tresiba® to help manage her blood sugar.

Type 2 diabetes story video

Rick's story

After his diagnosis, Rick tried several treatments. Then, when his wife was diagnosed, they worked together to improve their diet and get educated. Rick and his doctor reviewed his numbers, talked about his goals, and decided on Tresiba® as a part of his treatment plan

Patient with type 1 diabetes video

Susan's story

Susan has lived with diabetes for almost 50 years, and it has also touched her family. She works very closely with her doctor to continuously ensure her treatment plan makes the most sense for her.

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