Track your blood sugar with the Personal Progress Tracker


The Personal Progress Tracker can help

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Record and review your progress in one organized place

Checking your blood sugar and tracking your numbers can be a very important part of your diabetes care plan. Doing so can help you better manage your diabetes.

Personal Progress Tracker

Use this Personal Progress Tracker to log your blood sugar numbers and share them at your next appointment. Your health care provider can use your blood sugar readings to assess how well your diabetes care plan is working and adjust your dose. This may help you reach your blood sugar goal.    

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What is your A1C goal?

An A1C test is a blood sugar test that helps you and your health care provider understand how well your treatment plan is working over time. For this test, your health care provider will ask you to provide a small blood sample, which will be tested in a lab or your health care provider's office. The results from the A1C test will show your average blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months.

For many people with diabetes, an A1C of less than 7% is a good goal. Your health care provider will help set the right goal for you. If you and your health care provider agree that your blood sugar is not well controlled, you may need to change your treatment plan. Each person with diabetes has unique needs and goals. You should talk with your health care provider about how to lower your A1C level.

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