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Cornerstones4Care® provides personalized support built around your needs and goals. You’ll find tools, interactive trackers, and other resources like the Diabetes Health Coach that encourage healthy habits and keep you in the know about diabetes.

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Get your diabetes action plan kicked off by taking a quick assessment. It won’t take long. Promise.

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Learn from the online coaching sessions and watch videos with ideas about healthy eating habits and how to work injections into your schedule.

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Talk with a Certified Diabetes Educator

Within the first 6 months of your prescription, you can talk to a Certified Diabetes Educator on the phone. Call them or have them call you. You’ll speak to the same person each time, and they can help with things like:

  • How to inject
  • Tips on dosing
  • Other diabetes questions you have 

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To register by phone, please call 1-866-739-1872.